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Guthridge Campus Curriculum 7 -9

Years 7 and 8 Curriculum

Please note that the Sale College Curriculum is currently under review to develop it in line with the new Victorian Curriculum.

The Year 7 and 8 curriculum is structured to provide the smoothest possible transition from Primary to Secondary School. The Year 7 and 8 curriculum integrates the Key Learning Areas of Mathematics/Science (Discovery) and English/Humanities (Steps) to maximise students time with a core team of teachers in a home base room.

The curriculum is delivered by a small core of teachers who specialise in teaching at only one year level and as a result combine pastoral care and curriculum in a manner which is best suited to the needs of the student.

Teaching styles incorporate the latest understandings in Middle Years education, focusing on whole learning, an understanding of students’ individual learning styles and value adding to students’ prior educational achievement and skills base.

Sale College provides a high quality curriculum covering the eight curriculum areas of English, Maths, Science, Technology, Humanities, Languages, Art, Health and Physical Education. Victorian Essential Learnings Standards are now a focus in curriculum planning and assessment.


Year 7                               Year 8
Art/Music 2 ppw Drama/Graphics 2 ppw
English/Humanities integrated  6 ppw English/Humanities integrated  6 ppw
Health/PE 2 ppw Health/PE 2 ppw
Languages 2ppw Languages 2 ppw
Maths/Science/IT integrated 6ppw Maths/Science/IT integrated 6ppw
Technology 2 ppw Technology 2 ppw
20 ppw 20 ppw


PPW = Periods per Week.  Each period is of 75 minutes duration.
Students will be developing their Learning Technology skills through their work in
every key learning area.

  • PE/HE/SP = Physical Education, Health, Sport
  • Humanities = History, Geography and Economics and Civics
  • Technology includes Information Technology, Materials and Systems Technologies (Electronics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Textiles and Food Studies)
  • Languages - (Japanese/ Indonesian)

At years 7 and 8 Sale College provides a core curriculum that allows all students to experience all Key Learning Areas.
In addition there is

Year 9 Curriculum

At Sale College we encourage a balanced approach to curriculum delivery that combines a mixture of core and elective units at Year 9, to ensure breadth and depth in learning together with the opportunity for students to select elective units that are based on learning strengths (intelligences) and needs.

We offer a wide range of units to ensure that students are given every opportunity to develop their intellectual, personal and social competencies. Elective choices should reflect student intelligences, learning and thinking styles, interests and needs. This will help to achieve the best possible learning outcomes for all students.

Consideration should be given to developing general future needs around strengths but we do not encourage specialization which may restrict options in the future if a student has a change
of mind. Students receive course counselling and course selection booklets also contain advice on pathways indicating some future study options and Multiple Intelligences are shown for each unit.

The Year 9 curriculum is delivered by a small core of teachers who specialise in teaching at only one year level and as a result combine pastoral care and curriculum in a manner which is best suited to the needs of the student.

Year 9 Students spend 4 periods a week undertaking Personal Learning Projects. These projects allow students to investigate an area of interest, solve real life issues or learn a new skill. Students can work in groups or individually to complete learning tasks and present their final product.

Students also undertake a period of Physical Activity each week. This time is used to experience a range of activities outside the general school program, use local facilities and be physically active on a regular basis.

Minimum Subject Requirements:
Year 9 students are required to undertake units from the range of Learning Domains as indicated below. 

  • 4 periods of English
  • 4 periods of Maths
  • 2 periods of Science
  • 2 periods of Humanities
  • 4 electives of 2 periods each, one per term from a range of Learning Domains
  • 4 periods of Personal Learning
  • 1 period of Physical Activity