The Pastoral Care program involves the development of the whole student. It takes a proactive approach to student wellbeing and focuses on social and emotional learning.

The Pastoral Care program provides a sequenced curriculum from Year Seven to Ten. The program is embedded into the timetable and students participate during two periods each week. The curriculum includes learning materials from programs such as The Resilience Project, Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships and the e-Safety Commissioner. Students also participate in community projects such as Clean Up Australia Day. Opportunities are provided for students to build resilience and develop communication and relationship skills. As students move through the year levels, the program incorporates job related skills in order to prepare students for the workforce.

As part of the Pastoral Care program, students have a Pastoral Care teacher. This teacher is the person who delivers the sequenced curriculum and is the main point of contact for the student, parents or guardians if they have concerns or require support throughout the year.