School Bus Travel

Information about Sale country bus network

Families who live in the towns surrounding Sale may be eligible to travel on the Sale Country Bus Network.

To be eligible for travel on a country network school bus at no cost, government students must attend their nearest government school. Students must reside at least 4.8 km or more from the school. The distance is measured by the shortest practicable route from the student’s front gate to the school’s main entrance.

For people who would like to register for travel on the Country Bus Network, please fill in an Application to Travel form and return to the front offices. We will assess your application and make you an offer which you will need to accept or decline and we will send you a bus pass.

Country Bus Travellers will only be allowed access with a Bus Pass issued by the school.

Students not attending their closest school may be accommodated on a bus service as long as they pay a fare and seating capacity exists. Please fill in an Application to Travel Fare Paying form and return to the front office.

For any Bus enquiries please contact the Bus Coordinator on 51443711 and press 1 for the Guthridge Campus or via email at

For information regarding school town service bus routes, bus stop locations and times please go to Sale | Bus Charters Melbourne – Dyson Group

Application to Travel :

Application to Travel Fare Paying :